Uniform Law Commission Seeks to Draft Uniform Privacy Legislation

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Legal Updates, Privacy

Across the United States, efforts to create state level privacy legislation are at an all time high. Although there is agreement that state level efforts to address data privacy are a good thing, it could potentially cause problems in compliance. 

As federal data privacy laws are still “in the works” the Uniform Law Commission (“ULC”) is prepared to draft a uniform state level data privacy law that could work for all states. The ULC is aiming to have draft legislation completed by 2021. This uniform legislation would provide a frame work for all states to adopt, potentially limiting the current patchwork approach that could pose problems when covered businesses try to comply with 50 different state data privacy laws at once. 

The ULC is made of law practitioners across the United States and has had success in prior uniform legislation attempts. For example, the Uniform Commercial Code or UCC has been widely adopted by the states. 

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